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We ship babies, Adult birds, and parrot eggs to any accessible area worldwide. We employ the latest techniques to produce healthy offspring and fertile eggs. With an output of over 100 eggs per week, we can supply you with different species at moderate prices. Our hatch ratio 1:1. (ie the hatching rate is always 100% successful. We also have incubators, Brooders, Cages for sale at wholesale prices. All our eggs and birds are DNA tested before shipment. Shipping time ranges from 1-3 days worldwide.

Incubation Period

Under natural conditions, the most important factor in successful parrot egg incubation is heat. As long as the egg gets enough of it and is not permitted to lose too much of it for too long a time, everything will be fine. This is true even though the actual temperature of the egg fluctuates drastically when the hen is off the nest. Parrot egg incubation periods can vary by breed but are typically between 24-28 days. Some parrot breeds can hatch in as little as 18 days.
Research your specific breed to find out how long your egg will need to be incubated. This article assumes a 24 day hatching cycle, so you may need to adjust based on your breed.

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Macaw Parrots

Macaws are playful and active and have an exuberant personality to match their size. Most species are colorful New World parrots native to Mexico and South America.

African Grey Parrots

The best known African Parrots are African Grey Parrots from Congo, a true champion species of talking parrots for sale, known for intelligence and personality.

Cockatoo Parrots

Cockatoos are lively, affectionate birds from Australia that bond very closely with their owners. They can raise and lower their crest to indicate the bird’s mood.

Conure Parrots

Conures are active parrot birds inclined to be curious and need plenty of toys. This New World parrot, Sun conure has a cocktail of colors with varied shades.

Parrotlet Bird

The Pacific Parrotlet is the smallest parrot species like Celestial and Green Rump Parrotlets. Parrotlets are bold and inquisitive birds that can be energetic and docile.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are intelligent birds and renowned talking parrots. The Amazona from South America are medium-sized parrots with green and accenting colors

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