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Large & Baby Parrots for sale near me 🗺️

Aves Parrot Farm offers colored parrots for sale of species like Scarlet Macaw, buy Hyacinth Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw for sale, Eclectus, African Grey Parrot, Green-Wing Macaws, Rose Breasted Cockatoo, buy Large Cockatoo, Sun Conures, Amazon Parrot, cockatiel, Parakeet Parrot and so on. Our birds are potty trained, hand fed, very friendly, veterinary checked, and come with all paperwork. We also provide parrot hatching eggs, parrot egg incubator, and fertile parrot eggs for sale to breeders willing and ready to start their own bird parrot farm of mini & large Parrots .

Macaw and African Grey Parrot for sale

Accepting reservations on trained talking parrots for sale: small, medium, and large size parrots. Macaw parrots, and African Grey parrots for sale as well as parrot eggs for sale. Our Baby Hyacinth Macaw, Baby Scarlet Macaw, Severe Mini Macaw, Military Macaws, Congo African Greys and baby African Grey parrots for sale come potty trained and ready to join their new family.

Macaw and African Grey Parrot for sale

Accepting reservations on trained talking parrots for sale: small, medium, and large size parrots. Macaw parrots, Conure parrots, Parakeet parrots, Quaker parrots, and African Grey parrots for sale. Baby Hyacinth Macaw, Baby Scarlet Macaw, Severe Mini Macaw, Congo African Greys, Cockatiel parrots

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Parrot Training

We use both target training parrot and Clicker training parrotlets as fantastic methods of training and taming your pet parrot, a great way to enrich your parrot’s life.

Bird and Parrot Boarding

Find a trained professional to look after your pets on Aves Parrot farm. Top-notch Parrot Boarding facilities now available for all birds with Avian Veterinary Services.

Choosing a Parrot

Buy a parrot or choose a bird to adopt that will be compatible with your lifestyle and family. We observe its plumage and watch its adult behavior to get perfect birds.

Featured Parrot Birds for Sale

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Aves Parrot Farm

Our Parrot Farms have been breeding exotic birds since 2003 and specialized in importing (parrots from the Amazon, Africa, and Europe) and shipping parrot birds from our Farms to new pet families.
We’re popular for breeding quality exotic parrot birds with Minecraft parrot perch training many varieties of parrots such as macaws, amazons, cockatoos, conures, African Greys, and others. All our baby parrots are hand-reared on the farm and are used to being handled by people and arrive at their new homes tamed and sweet talking parrots.

Parrot Species

Macaw Parrots

Macaws are playful and active and have an exuberant personality to match their size. Most species are colorful New World parrots native to Mexico and South America.

African Grey Parrots

The best known African Parrots are African Grey Parrots from Congo, a true champion species of talking parrots for sale, known for intelligence and personality.

Cockatoo Parrots

Cockatoos are lively, affectionate birds from Australia that bond very closely with their owners. They can raise and lower their crest to indicate the bird’s mood.

Conure Parrots

Conures are active parrot birds inclined to be curious and need plenty of toys. This New World parrot, Sun conure has a cocktail of colors with varied shades.

Parrotlet Bird

The Pacific Parrotlet is the smallest parrot species like Celestial and Green Rump Parrotlets. Parrotlets are bold and inquisitive birds that can be energetic and docile.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon parrots are intelligent birds and renowned talking parrots. The Amazona from South America are medium-sized parrots with green and accenting colors

Aves parrot farm sells baby Parrots. We have handfed African greys, umbrella cockatoos, blue gold macaws, yellow-naped amazon parrots, double yellow head amazon, congo African greys. Contact us for more information or place your order on our website. Buy exotic parrots from hyacinth macaw, scarlet macaw, African grey parrots, cockatoo, greenwing macaw, blue and gold macaw parrots have a large vocabulary and have an amazing sense of humor, tamed and intelligent exotic birds. These exotic birds for sale are home raised, by experienced parrot breeders.

Parrot Eggs for Sale

We have fertile parrot eggs for breeders and pet lovers interested in raising up their own birds from the egg stage. We sell fertile eggs collected from very healthy birds in our aviary and all eggs are guaranteed for hatching.

Hand Raised Parrots

Buy a parrot potty trained and weaned. Our hand-picked necessities for whichever Bird you own or wish to own. Every Bird deserves family care, the best food, most entertaining toys, and supplies to enhance their lives.

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Where to Buy a Parrot Online

You can buy a parrot from Avian magazines like Cage and Aviary who have sections on Wanted Parrots and Parrots For Sale. The cost will depend on the species and locations. Birds can also be obtained in shelters and rescues. You may often find the species you want in a rescue, in which case the cost can be free or low but there are conditions to fulfill.

However, our farm is the best place to buy parrot birds as we offer a friendly approach to catering and training pets for their new families than pet shops or online merchants.
African grey, Timneh greys, Umbrella cockatoos, and some macaw parrot breeds are listed on Annex A of CITES.

This means that you will get a certificate from us proving that the pet has been acquired legally by the pet seller.

If you are inexperienced, it’s important to know about a healthy bird or ask for our vet experts for examination. The Parrot Society UK offers free expert advice to cover all aspects of husbandry if you’re serious about parrot keeping.

Buying parrots online has been successful but carries innate risks. To find out more about buying a parrot, check out: Important things to know about purchasing a bird parrot

Parrots are very intelligent and can form close bonds with humans. Certain species can become too attached to their keeper, and be possessive and potentially aggressive towards their owner’s partner or children. You may have your heart set on a particular bird species, but it’s worth making sure you have the perfect environment for it.

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Parrot catering services

Aves Parrot farm is proud to be home to this social experience for both bird and owner alike. We have been honored to home many larger birds to the area and this park is our way of saying thank you to our customers for their continued loyalty and support of our company.
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